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Restaurant in Long Island

column glazed with silver
Blue Angels Night Club
- Long Island

Wood Graining


Silver wood graining
Chateau Briand
- Carle Place, NY



Simply defined, glazes are translucent films of colored media that are manipulated, while wet, over dried undercoats.

This rather spare definition gives no hint of the often magical colors and patterns that can be developed. By using diverse tools in novel ways, you can create patterns that vary from abstract, all-over designs through ordered, elegant graphics to simulations of nature, such as marbling and graining.

Overlaying colored undercoats with glazes blends the colored layers into optical mixes-sometimes subtle and mysterious, other times dramatic and electric, all with varying degrees of depth.

The infinite combinations of pattern and color made possible by the use of glazes open a world of design choices.

In addition, glazes may be a tool to solve even the most difficult spatial, decorative, and color-related problems-graded glazes can expand confined spaces, and unique color blends and innovative patterns can unify unrelated fabrics and furnishings or add new life to otherwise ordinary environments.


Private residence - Long Island, NY